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Updating firefox mac

Keeping your Internet browser up-to-date is important for both security and ensuring that web pages load properly.We also recommend that you update any plug-ins, extensions, or other add-ons you have installed.If Silverlight for Mac OS X is not updated, Firefox may block it.

To see if you are using an ESR release, check the Firefox menu item (Help - About) and looking for the "ESR" identifier.

It may even be necessary to manually enable Silverlight after updating it to the current version.

If Firefox is disabled it is possible to get stuck in a loop where you will be prompted to install Silverlight, which will install successfully, and then you will again be prompted to install it because it is disabled and therefore not available to the browser.

With the old firefox, one could force an update by clicking 'firefox' on the menu bar and then 'About firefox' etc. When I go to firefox- There is something wrong with your Fire Fox.

However, with the new firefox 38 this menu only contains the single entry 'Quit' -- there is no 'About firefox' or anything else. On MBA 10.9.5 with FF 38.01 there is About Fire Fox, that also shows new versions available.

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Right now it is showing a 38.05 as new version that can be downloaded by clicking on it.

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