New moon stars dating

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New moon stars dating

Surprisingly, some studies have found a link between the moon’s phases and human biology.

For instance, Scandinavian scientists found that 30 per cent of the women studied had their period around the full moon, while Japanese research found more babies were born the closer the moon was to the Earth.

Tides, physical cycles and systems, planting and harvesting crops, and more are affected by the moon’s phase, or where the moon is in relationship to the sun.

If you observe it closely, you’ll see that the moon looks slightly different each night.

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Love Advice Who hasn’t noticed the full moon and how much silvery light it sheds?

Have you gazed in awe as its light reflects off water and leaves, making everything seem mysterious and magical?

The moon orbits Earth and doesn’t cast any light of its own.

But instead of confronting him about his infidelity, the 41-year-old executive assistant decided to bide her time — not because she wanted to calm down, or seek revenge, but rather because the moon was in the wrong phase.‘And I also knew that the energy of the full moon would bring up lots of other things.

I wasn’t surprised when, a few days after the full moon, I found out about more affairs.’ It sounds bizarre that an intelligent career woman could base such an important life decision around the night sky, but Victoria, from Macclesfield, Cheshire, is one of a growing number of women who live their lives according to the moon’s phases.

CROONERS have sung about it, astronomers have studied it and man has walked on it.

The moon has had a powerful influence on our lives since time began Before we had weather reports our ancestors would study moon phases to determine the best time to plant their crops.

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It has a cycle of approximately twenty-eight days, during which it passes through eight phases.

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