Itunes song play count not updating relative dating methods help scientists to

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Itunes song play count not updating

It can take a while to get your GPM library just right but mine is now right where I need it to be.The other issue is that there is no two way syncing between your computer and your GPM library. I'll state again that all of this tedious work would be unnecessary if Sonos would just give us the basic functionality of updating play counts, but for some unstated reason they refuse to do so and I wouldn't expect that to change since this has been an issue from the beginning.Even i OS devices, like i Phones and i Pads, don’t display how many times you’ve played a track.Songs featured on studio albums and compilations introduce another discrepancy, with one version having many more plays than another.Sadly, this could easily and seamlessly be addressed if Sonos would just add an option to update playcounts when songs are played from your library.But for some reason they refuse to do so and we're left with cobbled together solutions. Using Google Play Music along with a Chrome extension called "Autoplaylists for Google Music" does achieve the result.

i Tunes 11 is the latest version of Apple's music player and management software, but if you have upgraded your i Tunes installation to this latest version you may find that some of the statistics regarding your library are not being updated.Then re-sync everything (not recopy everything) on your device, and allow i Syncr/Rocket Player to get the new IDs.Do this by accessing the /syncr folder with a file management application on Android, then deleting the i and Delta file.Because there are so many possible scenarios for syncing, we try to list the most popular configurations or use cases.If you have a configuration or use case that is not covered in this guide, please post a message to our Google Community support forum.

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This bug in i Tunes will likely be addressed in an upcoming update, but as it stands is a relatively minor issue.

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