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Honey roque nude

From a well reputed house, and said to be hundred percent folle blanche. Nose: it’s rather rustic, in a very nice way, with notes of baked raisins and mineral/smoked caramel. Comments: some big young Armagnac, rather ‘black’ (as opposed to the floral and fruity ‘white’ ones – no, nothing to do with the spirits’ colours). Comments: absolutely excellent, it’s just that I enjoyed the younger and fresher Lous Pibous 2004 rather better last year. Nose: starts with wee touches of cellulosic varnish, and goes on with superb notes of precious green tea, fern and moss, banana skin, mint-flavoured tea, a little fresh butter, and a handful of mushrooms. This is baco from a small estate in Perquie, in the Landes, where they use traditional column stills (but contrarily to very high and sometimes multiple columns that are used in other parts of the world and that produce 90 or 95% vol.Most probably own-estate Armagnac, and from some very hard and compact clayey soil called ‘terre bouc’ (literally, he-goat earth). Goes on with some brioche, linden flowers, orange blossom honey, and dried figs. L’Encantada are those very skilled independent Armagnac bottlers from the lovely little town of Vic-Fezensac in Gers. Big oak extracts (cumin, cloves, menthol) and black raisins behind that. Now these very extractive profiles don’t always swim well, let’s see… Another small estate house from the Landes that I enjoy a lot. A truly superb nose in this well-aged Armagnac that could teach a thing or two to many a single malt of similar age. quasi-neutral alcohol, these Armagnac stills usually don’t go over 55 to 58% vol.I always try to write about artists who, I believe, deserve wider recognition, and all links to mp3 files are here to show you evidence of that.Please encourage the artists you like, by buying either their CDs or their downloadable 'legal' tracks.You can expect the original noble grape varieties of verdelho, arinto and terrantez.What’s remarkable isn’t just that grapes grow on Pico Island, but that they grow well, thanks to the adaptability of the first Flemish settlers.

In that case, the files will remain on-line only for a few days. isn’t much, but the spirit’s fat and big, really, with some kind of marmalade plus caramel sauce at first, then those figs, dried sliced bananas, some toasted bread, and more grassy elements in the back. Finish: pretty long, appropriately rough and, yeah, rustic, with some orange zests in the aftertaste.For hair, it was all about the blonde bombshells, especially honey roots to platinum hair.And don’t forget that classic wave (we’re looking at you, Jared Leto!Most people fly to Tenerife South (Reina Sofia), then get a ferry from nearby Los Cristianos.Buses 111 and 343 drive from Tenerife South Airport to . The buses stop by the roundabout close to the Los Cristianos bus station.

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The local council are trying to revive El Silbo; it is now a compulsory (and popular) subject in schools on the island.

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