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Belgian researchers have used magnets to make beer less foamy.Applying a magnetic field made antifoaming agents more effective.Images used on this page are either by the author, used with specific permission of the photographers, or used under the Fair Use Act of 1984 for illustrative purposes. Jack Keller's Wine Blog, Copyright (©) 2003-2015 by Jack B. SO PARENTS OF YOUNGER KIDS MIGHT WANT TO SCREEN THE MOVIES BEFORE EXPOSING YOUR IMPRESSIONABLE TYKES TO HIS WIT AND WISDOM.

I’m running the opening leg…look for her post tomorrow! The same people who put on the annual Easter Parade in which I have twice starred as Lead Traumatizer do a Halloween processional featuring kids and their handlers decked out in trick-or-treat finery.

I began to wonder whether I was qualified for the job, which I had assumed required nothing more than a set of working eyeballs.

Would they expect me, for example, to be able to differentiate between homemade and store-bought costumes without inspecting for “made in China” labels?

Sometimes you can look at a set and figure out right away if it’s going to be easy to light or not.

Generally, the smaller the set, the worse things go for everyone.

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The grips managed to drill some holes for us, but mostly we used a metric ton of tape and more time than we should have taken to do a fairly simple lighting set-up.