Berenice marlohe dating

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Berenice marlohe dating

The stunning French/Cambodian actress, 33, said she wasn’t nervous about stripping off in front of the camera because she had such a great ‘connection’ with Craig.

Peter Safran is executive producing on behalf of the Safran Company and Jan Harlan is co-producing alongside Royal Road’s Carla Rosen-Vacher.

Those plaques are used a few times throughout the film to drive home a particular situation or status within the story.

The narrator is Brian (Anton Yelchin, Star Trek), a 24 year old struggling writer whose parents want him to give up his writing dream and head to law school.

Marlohe will shoot the film concurrently while doing press for .

Per Screen Daily, “the plot revolves around a desperate search by Wood’s character for an actress (Grey) who has been abducted by vicious villain Chord, played by British actor Neil Maskell.” Is it just me, or does “Chord” sound like the name of a villain in a Japanese RPG?

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